Transforming Trump: June, 2017

Transforming Trump: June, 2017

June 15.

It was another day of gut-twisting news. I went upstairs to meditate and I saw a mandala of the flower of life floating over all the headlines that dominate so much of our collective psyche. A new art project was born.

This project is for all of us, whatever our politics. It’s for transforming the angst we all feel over the daily barrage of headlines (albeit for different reasons.)

I hope to complete a Transforming Trump mandala each week for the rest of the year and to find some place to display them all together when I am finished.

One thought on “Transforming Trump: June, 2017

  1. I love this piece. It has a healing quality to it and finds a way to put in perspective to angst and helplessness so many of us feel. Can’t wait to see the next ones. ThNks for sharing.

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