Transforming Trump: July 10-16

Transforming Trump: July 10-16

As I cut out the headlines and arrange them on a 12 x 12 inch wood block, my blood pressure starts to rise and I am overwhelmed by a sense of fear and futility. Then I paint over them a thin layer of white acrylic paint, just enough to let the headlines fade into the background. I feel myself begin to relax. I take out the compass and draw the first flower of life and my own consciousness is transformed. Slowly I come to the acceptance that all that is happening is necessary to bring both me and my country to the next stage of what we are becoming. It’s my job to both speak my truth and release my insistence that it is the only one.

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  1. Hi Linda – very nice mandala ! I enjoy your posts, they are a welcome splash of color and art in my inbox.

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