No X-it

No X-it


fullsizerender On Saturday my Mandala Journaling workshop focused on Stage 10: Endings. Stage 10 mandalas are often marked with X’s, crosses or downward facing triangles. We are all many-facetted so some aspect of lives is always at stage ten. There is something drawing to a close, something we are needing to let go of, or a shifting in our consciousness.

In this mandala I did an experiment. There is something big that is drawing to an end and I’m not ready for it. I know the end has to come, but I’m hoping there will be a lot more time before that happens. So a I used markers to draw a big “X.” Then with oil pastels in the healing colors of green and turquoise I attempted to draw over it. The X did not go away, but life swirls around it and is somehow enriched by its presence.

I think there’s a message in there.

3 thoughts on “No X-it

  1. How interesting! I should go back and see what the other stages are. Are they all on your blog? I would like to sign up for your workshop sometime in the near future, assuming it is offered at a time I can participate. The image is beautiful and quite powerful.

  2. I’m thinking in my own life how my endings don’t just “disappear” but, like the purple X above, they hold other parts of my life together! Real, true endings are a gift. Too often, I dribble, I fade, I try to claw my way back to stage 9. I have to see Stage 10 holds my ticket to Everywhere Else.

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